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Jason Gibson's School of Timber Framing

Jason Gibson specializes in traditional timber frame education and consulting. Having worked 20 years in the timber framing field, building and restoring timber frames in Eastern Ontario, Jason now enjoys sharing his skills through one week workshops or private training programs. Jason is also available for consultation on any timber frame repair work: recording existing buildings, producing technical drawings, working in collaboration with structural engineers and architects to offer advice and direction for repairing, rehabilitating or restoring timber frames.

Jason Gibson offers one week courses at his timber frame school in Perth Ontario.

In addition to the one week timber frame courses, Jason provides private courses designed to suit your needs. All of the courses focus on hands-on learning with a strong emphasis on safety and skill building.

timber frame school

timber framing school

timber frame school

Often the student's timber frame work is sold with the profits of the sale going to charity.


$56,100 has been donated from the timber frame courses. View Details

For more information about purchasing a student built timber frame: Contact & QA

Detailed timber frame shop drawings
Timber Frame Shop Drawings for sale

Jason Gibson Timber Frame Courses

Jason Gibson Timber Frame Courses

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Timber framers Guild

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